Paul Wiesenfeld


In my memory I see my father, Paul Wiesenfeld (1942 – 1990), sitting at the edge of one room on a block of wood no more than 20 cm off the floor with a palette in one hand and several brushes in the other and studying intently the interior of another room. This room is in stark contrast to the rest of the apartment with its varying degrees of chaos and dishevelment. It is impeccable, if one overlooks the fine layer of dust, everything in it is there for a purpose, participating in a web of complex visual relationships, set up to create an image of beauty.

The intention of this website is to give an overview of Paul’s work. It is far from complete, some reproductions are of inferior quality and a number of paintings are missing altogether in this archive. Therefore I would be very grateful to receive images of paintings and drawings not yet listed here, as well as higher quality reproductions.